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Company 605

605 Collective

605 Collective is a Vancouver-based dance company dedicated to producing new dance work through a shared creative process. As part of a generation of creators inspired by the exchange between urban and contemporary dance, 605 places emphasis on movement innovation and physically demanding works, valuing collaboration as an essential tool for new directions in the form. With the group’s extreme versatility, the collective creates by using one another as the canvas for their ideas and visions, and invites guest choreographers to make new work with the company. Through constant collaboration with all involved artists and performers, 605 continues to push into new territories and awaken a fresh and exciting aesthetic, together building a highly athletic art form, with extreme physicality derived from the human experience.
605’s integration of different genres has connected them to a broad spectrum of audiences in a large variety of settings, including traditional stage performances, dance films, and site-specific work. Their athletic, fast-paced and playful movement has attracted hip-hop fans, families with children, classical dance lovers and the wider contemporary arts community.
Working from a hyper-physical vocabulary, 605 juxtaposes raw with precision, where effort, tension, exertion, and risk are highlighted and emphasized. They value endurance and fatigue as pathways to a further connection with movement. Their collaboration requires a relinquishing of control, which offers a freedom and openness in the workspace, and allows for the unexpected to occur. Every process values new movement invention and development of a shared language. With overlapping collaborators, each new project carries forward an accumulated vernacular of technique and methodology, and a slowly transforming performance aesthetic.
605 has been built by a steadily growing community of peers who share in a desire to expand the network of artists they make and question performance-based work with. They develop commission projects where the invited artists create with the company, and understand that their work relies on building a nonhierarchical environment where creation remains a collective act. 605 considers the cumulative perspective to contain multiple viewpoints, with the interpretations of each collaborator and performer living simultaneously in each work.

German Tour 2015

With “ Inheritor Album“ 

Heidelberg – Nov. 16, 2015

Regensburg – Nov. 18, 2015

Karlsruhe – Nov. 20-21, 2015