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Gira Dança

Gira Dança is a contemporary dance company formed by dancers with different bodies which has as artistic proposal isto expand the universe of dance through their own language, focused on the concept of the body as experiences tool.The company, based in Natal/RN in 2005, was founded by the dancers Anderson Leão and Roberto Morais, it had itsnational debut at Mostra Arte, Diversidade e Inclusão Sócio Cultural (Exhibition Art, Diversity and InclusionSociocultural), held in Rio de Janeiro in May 2005 and since then has presented on stages throughout Brazil a job thatbreaks prejudices, pre-established limits and creates new possibilities within contemporary dance. Coupled with thebody work, the company uses his art to instill in viewers to discuss the body’s limits, and develop social initiatives, amongwhich are the lectures and workshops at educational institutions and corporate organizations.