Choreographie : André Mesquita

Spinning like a ghost on the bottom of a top, I’m haunted by all the space that I will live without you.” Richard Brautigan Even if there is no space for quick changes, the flux in energy makes it necessary to carry out this exercise which is organized around a well of affections and memories. I have been looking over childhood notebooks. They are pieces of a distant life without shape or meaning. Together with the voice which contests itself, the action brings together the stage lighting, the sound, and the moving bodies. These bodies move from light to darkness, or the light passes over the bodies. In fact, it is an exercise between being and encountering. Between you and me. An exercise of persecution, evocation, and recorrences. An exercise that blends together delicate layers of shadow and light. The light that arrives after the night is over. The early morning light that appears out of the corner of your eye.
Texto de Daniel Tércio (Academic, critic and essayist)